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Learning a new language has never been more accessible. Using the same proven techniques that we have pioneered over 140 years; we deliver a classroom experience in your living room. We offer three different online options Private, Group and On Demand. No matter your budget, experience or goals, we have a course for you.

The Berlitz Method

Language learning with Berlitz is an immersive experience.* The Berlitz Method was invented by our founder in 1878 and is still the most effective language learning technique used today. Your lessons are conducted in the target language from day one and each activity focuses on a specific learning goal tailored to your needs. Language is presented in the context of real-life situations, and rather than academic translations or grammar rules, we focus on the language skills you will need to navigate daily interactions. This allows you to gain confidence in actually using the language, rather than focusing on non-speaking skills. Your instructor guides you through a process of practice and presentation to help you quickly absorb what you learned and progress to the next level.

Fast and efficient results

Learning with Berlitz follows a cycle that ensures fast and efficient progress. We start with an evaluation of your language goals and proficiency levels so that we can recommend the most effective program for you. Throughout your program, there are regular milestones where you can check to see if you on track and access any extra support you might need on your learning journey. You will regularly measure your understanding and skills to see how you progressed and when to move to the next level. We even provide certification of your achievements! Our approach ensures you are continuously improving and don get stuck along the way. That means you spend less time learning your new language and more time doing what importan

The power of cultural understanding

The most powerful way to get the most out of a new language is to understand its culture. Our learning activities include important cultural training that helps you use your new language skills in the right context. This includes non-verbal communication, traditions and history. In many respects, these lessons can be just as important as understanding the language itself. From business meetings to social situations, we teach you how to avoid those uncomfortable scenarios that can often occur between cultures. Our Cultural Navigator tool will help you understand your cultural preferences and how they impact how you communicate with different cultures. This combination of immersive language learning with cultural understanding is the closest experience to living and working in a new country.

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A fun, proven method for learning a new language.

Berlitz Kids and Teens programs encourage intellectual development, introduce a global perspective, and can enhance your child future career opportunities. Research has shown that childhood is the best time to learn a language. With fewer inhibitions than adults, children can absorb the nuances of a foreign language and they're often able to speak without an accent.

  • After school programs.
  • Summer program .
  • Private or semi-private tutoring.

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Small group language classes

- Want to interact with others in a social, language learning program

- Prefer learning on a fixed schedule in order to plan ahead, and stay on-track

- Are looking for a cost-effective option


Learn a language online with Berlitz

Small group live online classes are the perfect option if you want to quickly build conversational skills and confidence while socializing with other students. They are convenient, cost-effective, and interactive. You'll learn using the proven Berlitz Method and have time to practice your skills with your instructor and your classmates.

English for kids with Berlitz

Using interactive activities, challenges and rewards

Incorporating cultural lessons

Using interactive activities, challenges and rewards

Immersing young learners in the language

Offering multiple course options

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Learning a new language has never been more accessible. Using the same proven techniques that we have pioneered over 140 years

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